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Technical documentation

Technical documentation includes the following manual types: User Guides, Quick Reference Guides (QRG), Online Help (OLH), Product Descriptions, Technical Notes, Release Notes.


I gather information about a company's product from developers and product managers and describe how to use it, in straightforward language geared to the user's technological level.

Template design

I create esthetically pleasing templates that can be re-used for multiple documents within a company. Templates ensure a uniform look-and-feel and consistency in terminology, colors, fonts,  styles and content. 

Usability testing

I evaluate the ease with which the end-user can navigate an interface or software system. Is there a logical progression from one step to another in a procedure? How easily can the user navigate the system to access a specific task?  Are the parameters correctly labeled?  Usability testing identifies the problem areas.

Behind the scenes, technical writers abide by a set of conventions, rules and guidelines.  Click here for the Purple Canary's Top 10.     

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