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Patricia Carmel is Purple Canary

I didn't consciously become a technical writer. One day, I answered an ad and found that all I thought I knew about writing would have to undergo a significant adjustment if I was going to succeed. Somewhere along this path, I realized how much I liked technology: discovering cool things to do with apps; the challenge of  playing games online; the compelling possibilities of the digital world. 

I began my writing career as a journalist in London, UK, where I was born. I edited hard copy love stories and metamorphosed them into paperback novelettes. I wrote articles on a variety of subjects for corporate house magazines, the precursor of the digital world's company wiki. I interviewed directors, producers and composers of jingles for a TV advertising trade magazine. 

And then I moved to Israel and, following a slew of unremarkable writing / editing jobs, I began what transpired to be a mind-expanding and exciting career in technical writing, aka technical communication. The logos on this page belong to some of the international hi-tech companies I've worked for.

A few years ago, I took timeout from hi-tech and returned to my journalistic roots to write a monthly column on Israeli-developed apps and gadgets for the Jerusalem Post. My articles can be viewed here


But then I was offered a tech writing job which I didn't want to refuse and it was like coming home. 

In the last few years, I've dabbled in creative non-fiction, a genre of writing as far removed from technical writing as broccoli soup is from a bowl of cherries. It's a different kind of challenge.

After decades of working for international companies and local startups, I'm now branching out on my own, offering small and medium-size business my experience writing on a wide range of technologies and my acquired skills in layout design, graphics and video editing. From my journalistic and creative writing experience, I offer editing services. And for people bemused and confused  by the speed of the development of technology, contact me. I can help.

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