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Pop Quiz 

Here's a mini-quiz you can do before deciding if a career in technical writing is for you:

  • Do you pick up a menu in a restaurant and automatically reach for a pen?

  • Are you insatiably curious about how things work?

  • Do you pounce on inconsistencies in your friend's conversations?

  • Do you correct the grammar, logic and word choice of people you meet by chance?

  • Do you refuse to buy a product that has a grammatical mistake on its wrapping?

  • Do you go berserk over the incorrect use of apostrophes?

  • Do you think in bullet points?

If you answer Yes to two or more, contact me. You're a born tech writer.


Are you thinking of a career in technical writing? Or maybe you're a newbie and feeling a little lost. Perhaps you need support or just a sounding board for some of the issues currently vexing you. 

Having problems with Word? You're not alone. I can teach you some workarounds that force Word to behave itself.

Framemaker woes? This is serious DTP and Framemaker can be unforgiving if you perform its tasks incorrectly. No need for workarounds with Frame; just a rather steep learning curve.

Sometimes, you'll need to fabricate graphics because your deadline is earlier than that of the software you are documenting. No problem. Photoshop is not a verb for nothing.

Are you having trouble getting information from your SMEs (Subject Matter Experts)? Is your PM uncooperative? Do you not fully understand the product, or even that part of the product you're documenting? Every TC has been there, done that. Contact me. I can help

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